What is a multi-farm CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a model for purchasing local food where the customer purchases a “share” of the harvest and receives a weekly basket of seasonal fruits and vegetables in return for their investment. A multi-farm CSA provides consumers with a selection of foods from many farms resulting in a very diverse bag week after week.  Through our CSA you will receive a good amount of each item to make a meal or two without so much of any one item that you feel overwhelmed trying to use it up.  You can be sure you will not receive any item week after week (except maybe strawberries and sweet corn in season!).  The Pickup supports over 40 farmers and food producers in the greater Skowhegan Area.

Benefits of supporting The Pickup:

  • Convenience – Stop in each week, grab your basket, and go OR choose delivery at a site near you!
  • Health and Wellness – There is no better way to keep your family healthy than to bring home a basket of freshly picked, nutrient dense food, week after week.
  • Education – Each week you will receive a newsletter that features nutritional tips and recipes for using items in the basket.
  • Support Local – By investing in The Pickup you are supporting over 40 farmers and food business in the local area. You are supporting a strong local economy and helping to maintain a beautiful working landscape in the community.

What will you find in a weekly share basket?

Because you receive a share of the seasonal harvest, each week will include a different selection of produce. You can always count on getting enough of each product to make a meal or two without being overwhelmed with so much of any one item.  You can also opt to select a share that includes other items you want each week such as eggs, bread, milk and more!  Here are some examples of what you can expect in a weekly Garden share, the base for all other shares:

In June
In August
In October
1/2 lb lettuce mix 1 bunch carrots 1 green cabbage
1 bunch radishes 1 bunch beets 3 heads garlic
1.5 lb beet greens 1 lb green beans 1 lb onions
1/2 lb spinach 1 lb cucumbers 1 lb broccoli
1 lb sugarsnap peas 2 lb new potatoes 1/2 lb spinach
1 bunch spring turnips 1/2 lb Swiss chard 2 lbs apples or pears

Share Baskets Available:

  • Garden Share ($25/week)
    A selection of fresh, local, seasonal vegetables and fruits plus one prepared food item.
  • Plow Share ($35/week)
    A Garden Share with an added sampling of other local products. You will receive bread every other week, eggs every other week, cheese once per month, plus maple syrup, apple cider and much more.
  • Harvest Share ($50/week)
    A Garden Share plus weekly bread, eggs, and milk. Additionally, you will receive cheese every other week, weekly apple cider in season, honey, syrup, coffee, and much more.
  • Half and Full Meat Share ($20 and $40/week)
    A selection of local meats, varying each week! This is a great way to try goat, lamb, or rabbit in addition to more standard beef, pork and chicken. Example: Half Share – Week 1: 1 lb.ground beef, 1 lb. pork sausage, and 1 lb. chicken breast. Full Meat shares receive double the quantities listed above.
  • Shopper Select Share ($35/week commitment)- NEW in 2014~ Want more choice each week?  This is the share for you.  Between Thursday morning and Sunday evening each week log into your account and select $35 of items you want!  Everything from seasonal veggies and fruits to milk, eggs, and meats to breads and other value added items like cider, syrup, jam and coffee. You spend $35, but you choose.  If you do not select by Sunday night you will automatically receive the Plow Share.  
  • Flower Share ($10/week): Available June 1 through September 30- A weekly bouquet of seasonal flowers!  A great way to add some color to your home and your life!