CSA Member Agreement

Dear CSA Members:

In order for you to gain the most from your Pickup CSA experience, please read the following CSA policy carefully, as it outlines the policies that keep our CSA working smoothly for all of our members.

In Community Supported Agriculture, consumers and farmers work together on behalf of the earth and each other. The farmers tend the Earth on behalf of you; you, as the consumers, share the costs of supporting the farms and share the risk of variable harvests. Your membership to The Pickup CSA reflects your commitment to help grow and strengthen the local food network.

As a CSA member, I understand it is my responsibility to pick up my weekly share of food from my chosen distribution location during the designated time frame.

If I cannot pick up my weekly share, I understand that it is my responsibility to choose one of these options:

  • Arrange to “OPT-OUT” for the week by 9am Monday before the Wednesday or Thursday distribution via logging into my Farmigo account. If I’m unsure how to log into my account, I will email thepickupcsa@gmail.com. By “opting out,” my account will not be charged for the value of the weekly share. I also understand that until I receive an email confirming my request to “opt out,” the opt out process is not complete.
  • Make arrangements to have someone pick up my share and check off my name on the sign-in sheet.
  • Donate my share to the local food pantry or soup kitchen associated with my distribution location.

As a CSA member, I understand that if I do not pick up my share within the distribution time frame, it will be donated to one of the designated donation organizations (i.e. Skowhegan Food Cupboard, Unitarian Universalist Soup Kitchen, Loving Hands Food Pantry).

Payments: The Pickup CSA uses a web-based software program called Farmigo. With it, CSA members have online access to their own accounts, with the exceptions of changing email addresses or to cancel your share. In a traditional CSA, the money for the season would be collected up front. However, we wish to make our food accessible to all, so we do offer payments in one month increments. We contract with our farmers for a certain amount of product, so we encourage you to pay for the season or the year in advance if it fits in your budget. We also strongly encourage use of our ACH check processing to pay for your CSA and require a minimum of one month to be paid at a time. However, we do accept Master card, Visa, and EBT food stamp payments in house or over the phone as well. Checks can be mailed to The Pickup, PO Box 703, Skowhegan, ME 04976.

As a CSA member, I agree to pay my account in a timely manner and keep my membership account information up to date.

The Pickup CSA communicates with its members mainly through email, including our weekly email that tells you what is in your share for the week, which farms you are supporting, and offers recipes and nutritional information about the foods.  The Pickup CSA does not sell or rent our email list.

As a CSA member, I understand that it is my responsibility to open and read the emails (including payment notices) so that I stay informed. I agree to have my email address receive weekly updates from the CSA team.  If my email address changes, I will contact thepickupcsa@gmail.com.

I can change my weekly CSA type at the end of each week. I understand that by making changes I may have a balance due or credit depending on whether I upgrade or downgrade my share options. I can cancel my membership after my one month commitment and I will notify thepickupcsa@gmail.com in the event that I must do so.

As a CSA member, I understand that it is best for the CSA and its farmers if I can continue with the season I have agreed to participate, and will apply my best efforts to do so.  If a refund is required, I will allow up to 30 days to receive it.

Our Mission

The mission of The Pickup is to make connections between farmer/producers and end users of Maine-made products. We work intimately with our suppliers, innovate within the ever-changing climate of local foods, and consolidate sourcing for buyers of all sizes throughout Maine. The Pickup also bridges the gap between Maine-grown products and low-income consumers through increased access and creative partnerships. Our work results in rich relationships and the continued health of Maine agriculture.

Stay Connected

Our Vision

Convenient, affordable and regular access to sustainably-raised Maine foods for families, businesses and institutions in Maine. More Maine farmland in sustainable production. A viable agricultural economy attracting new generations of growers and producers. A preserved natural landscape feeding a healthier and more dedicated population of Maine food eaters. This is what The Pickup sees inside every one of our Grocery Delivery shares, every truckload out the door and after every handshake with our farmers.