What’s all the hype about Sheep Yogurt?

Sheep Yogurt

People milk sheep? Yes! Humans have been milking sheep for thousands of years, at least a thousand years longer than cows have been milked. The old saying is “Cow’s milk is for butter, goat’s milk is for drinking and sheep’s milk is for cheese”. In Spain, where sheep milk is common, if you ask a local about cheese, they picture a sheep, just as here in the states, we often picture a cow. Many well-known cheeses are traditionally made from sheep’s milk, including: Pecorino Romano, Ricotta, Roquefort, and Feta. While sheep produce less volume of milk than goats or cows, their milk yields almost twice as much cheese per gallon. Research indicates that sheep milk may be easier to digest than cow or goat, and also that sheep milk is higher in many vitamins and trace minerals, including: A, B, E, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium. It may also be a better option than other types of milk for folks trying to limit their cholesterol intake.


Sheep yogurt is the original Greek yogurt. It’s thick just like Greek yogurt but while cow and goat Greek yogurt must be drained for several hours, separating out most of the whey to make it thick, sheep yogurt is naturally thick, with no modifications necessary! Just combine heated milk and live cultures, and that’s it. The result is a rich, full-bodied, smooth and creamy consistence, with just enough tart. A delicious treat, good enough for breakfast or dessert, on its own or mixed with fruit, granola, in smoothies, on top of blueberry pie or in savory dishes such as curries, tzatziki, or as a killer chip dip. Say goodbye to French onion dip snack fiends, sheep yogurt can virtually make any dish taste utterly amazing! Why you ask? Because fat equals flavor. Sheep milk is naturally higher in fat than goat or cow’s milk, which makes each spoonful richer in flavor and renders it simply irresistible. Not to mention healthy! Don’t be fooled by the diet craze, healthy fats are essential for vitamin absorption, nerve function, brain health, cell energy, body regulation, and organ protection.

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