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Easy & Healthy Spring Frittata Recipe

Easy & Healthy Spring Frittata Recipe
Spring Vegetable Frittata Recipe (PDF)
Photo Credit: Maja Lukic, Veggies and Gin

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Our Mission

The mission of The Pickup is to make connections between farmer/producers and end users of Maine-made products. We work intimately with our suppliers, innovate within the ever-changing climate of local foods, and consolidate sourcing for buyers of all sizes throughout Maine. The Pickup also bridges the gap between Maine-grown products and low-income consumers through increased access and creative partnerships. Our work results in rich relationships and the continued health of Maine agriculture.

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Our Vision

Convenient, affordable and regular access to sustainably-raised Maine foods for families, businesses and institutions in Maine. More Maine farmland in sustainable production. A viable agricultural economy attracting new generations of growers and producers. A preserved natural landscape feeding a healthier and more dedicated population of Maine food eaters. This is what The Pickup sees inside every one of our Grocery Delivery shares, every truckload out the door and after every handshake with our farmers.