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farmers-and-food-producersThe Pickup partners with over 50 local farmers and food producers in the greater Skowhegan area to bring you the very best farm fresh products in Maine. In addition to fruits and vegetables, we offer eggs, butter, grass-fed meat, fresh bread, and specialty-food items like coffee, honey, maple syrup, and much more. And by carefully planning and coordinating with our farmers and producers, we’re able to offer a diverse range of items all year-round.

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The Emery Farm

Trent Emery is a first generation farmer, working the land in his hometown. The day to day operations of the farm are shared with his wife. Carrot eating and playing is shared with his two daughters.

He and his team have built a reputation for delivering a wide variety of quality, fresh produce through a number of channels, including CSA memberships, farmers’ markets, restaurants, wholesale distributors and institutions, and a farm stand.

Together over the past years we have grown from two and half vegetables to fifteen acres. We now operate over a quarter acre of greenhouse and high tunnel space. This means more diversity, and a longer season.

Emery Farm continues to develop their crop production methods, focusing on soil nutrition, sustainable approaches, and continuing to provide healthy food from healthy systems.

Blue Ribbon Farm: Bob and Mary Burr

We began farming in Mercer in 1976 with a mutual passion for agriculture and growing our own food. We raised sheep from the late 1970′s until 2011, but our interests changed in recent years with the development of the pasta business and the expansion of fresh vegetables. Sheep and hay have always been a constant, but in recent years the vegetable production has become more important with the use of the high tunnel hoop houses which have allowed us to expand the vegetables into a year round business. Hay production is still an integral industry on the farm and the sheep have become a fond memory. That said, we are reconsidering sheep as we miss them! Don’t be surprised to see a small flock of Dorset sheep on Blue Ribbon Farm.Blue Ribbon Farm is now producing vegetables in four seasons, participating in farmers markets and expanding our wholesale accounts. We continue to produce quality hay and baleage for the horse and cattle industry, as well as maintaining our stewardship practices on the 200 acre certified Tree Farm.

With several years of experience in the fresh pasta business, it is thriving. Pasta Fresca by Blue Ribbon Farm has gained wide appeal and can be found in a variety of locations in the state. Not only is it fresh pasta, but most of the ingredients are either grown on Blue Ribbon Farm or produced locally in Maine by farmers who have shown the same commitment to quality and the local economy.

What has sustained our energy and commitment to producing quality food, is the high level of energy, commitment and loyalty shown by the Pick-Up CSA and the community of Skowhegan. We are proud to be part of this ‘young’ and vibrant group.

Lakeside Family Farm

Lakeside Family Farm started growing vegetables for local markets in 2005. Farm owner Stew Smith started farming in 1961 growing potatoes. Now potatoes for the fresh market are just one of the 30 kinds of mixed vegetables we grow including beans, peas, greens, radishes, summer and winter squashes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, beets, cabbage, and of course potatoes—red, white, blue and yellow (including the incomparable Carola).

Lakeside Family Farm is a fourth generation Maine farm –the fourth generation, Althea and her brother Alex, are responsible for the addition of some unique products to our line – Easter Egg Radishes, Red Kale, Rainbow Carrots and the like, and for our first entry into organic production. Alex and his fiancé Hillary will be farming organically this year in York County.

Lakeside has strong Maine roots and commitment to sustainable agriculture that sends local product to local markets to allow Maine consumers to conveniently buy local close to home. To assure quality and that close to home freshness, Lakeside delivers direct to stores–most crops being hand-picked each day, refrigerated, and loaded on the truck for delivery that night. Lakeside also operates its own storage for root crops making it possible to deliver cabbage, some greens, and squash until Christmas, and carrots, potatoes, turnips, and beets year round.

Sweet Land Farm

Located on a gentle bend in the Sandy River, Sweet Land Farm owes its existence to the alluvial deposits of many centuries. In addition to the high level of natural fertility in its soils, the farm’s southern exposure and protection from wind creates a microclimate that allows us to grow successful crops of heat loving vegetables, such as melons and sweet potatoes, usually associated with farming regions further south. Warm fertile soils with ample moisture support healthy crops of all varieties and gives them the ability to develop their full nutritional potential. You need only to taste the vegetables grown here to understand why humans have been farming along the Sandy River for many thousands of years.

Our production includes two acres of seed trials for a local seed company, three acres of winter squash, along with smaller amounts of a variety of crops for wholesale and retail markets. We also produce hay for improving soil fertility as well as for sale. The woods provide us with firewood, lumber and shelter for a diversity of life. When the basswood trees are flowering, these enormous trees are literally buzzing with bees, gathering nectar. Makes one grateful to be farming.

One Drop Farm

One Drop Farm is a small family farm in the town of Cornville, just 5 miles north of Skowhegan in Central Maine. One Drop Farm fulfills a vision to walk the talk of Conscientious and Righteously Raised Food. We began our operation in 2004 on a piece of Andrew’s ancestral farmland in Shade Gap, Pennsylvania. In 2008 we moved to Cornville, Maine. We couldn’t have made a better choice. The greater Skowhegan area is ripe with invigorated and innovative farmers and artisans. It’s an area that has welcomed us with open arms.

We currently cultivate 3 acres of organically grown produce. We offer a wide variety of vegetable and herb seedlings; nurture a flock of laying hens; tend our Katahdin sheep and their lambs and have a rotating smorgasbord of other critters.

Grassland Farm

Grassland Farm

Grassland Farm, located just two miles from downtown Skowhegan, is owned by second generation farmer Sarah Smith and her three young children. The farm has been a community icon for more than 75 years. Today Sarah and managers Jason Arno and Eric Snow milk 50 organic dairy cows, harvest grass-raised organic lineback beef, raise 4 acres of organic mixed vegetables, and harvest milk-fed, pasture-raised pork and laying hens. Grassland Farm embodies the true spirit of integrated and sustainable farming systems.


Maine Grains

Our mission at Maine Grains is to cultivate and deliver exceptional stone ground grains, which are locally grown and sourced. Through a unique stone-milling process, we are able to preserve nutritional content and improve the performance of our flour for natural fermentation baking. Our locally grown grains provide a variety of delicious hearty flavors.

The Bankery

Owners Michael Hunt, Matt DuBois & Mike DuBois of The Bankery bake delicious, from-scratch English muffins, challah burger buns, loaves of bread and more for The Pick Up Cafe and CSA program, and the flowers on the tables are likely to be locally-grown and high-quality flowers from Skowhegan Fleuriste.

Cayford Orchards

Cayford Orchards is a six generation farm located in Skowhegan, Maine. Our family loves growing healthy, high quality, diversified fruit for our community. While our specialty is heirloom & new apple varieties, you can also find Pears, Peaches, Nectarines, Plums & berries. What orchard wouldn’t be complete without cider, here we blend & press for that perfect sweet or hard cider!

Our Mission

The mission of The Pickup is to make connections between farmer/producers and end users of Maine-made products. We work intimately with our suppliers, innovate within the ever-changing climate of local foods, and consolidate sourcing for buyers of all sizes throughout Maine. The Pickup also bridges the gap between Maine-grown products and low-income consumers through increased access and creative partnerships. Our work results in rich relationships and the continued health of Maine agriculture.

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Our Vision

Convenient, affordable and regular access to sustainably-raised Maine foods for families, businesses and institutions in Maine. More Maine farmland in sustainable production. A viable agricultural economy attracting new generations of growers and producers. A preserved natural landscape feeding a healthier and more dedicated population of Maine food eaters. This is what The Pickup sees inside every one of our Grocery Delivery shares, every truckload out the door and after every handshake with our farmers.